Viking 6460 manual free

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viking 6460 manual free

Mark Forums Read. Free Manual Source for Husqvarna-Viking. Thread Tools. If you purchase a machine without a manual, a lot of time gets spent finding one. Don't pay for any Viking-Husqvarna machine manuals! While they break the bank with the cost of cords and foot controls, this manufacturer at least provides free complete manuals on their website IF you find the correct link.

Try it without that portion. That's how it has always worked for me. Scroll down to your machine, click, and upload the pdf in full page form. My eyes like that! I truly hope this helps someone. Now, I just need to find the powercord plug for my HV Classica and foot pedal that works with the cord. Good thing the machine is like new or the cost wouldn't make it worthwhile! View Public Profile. Send a private message to redbugsullivan.

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Viking Instruction and Service Manuals

Thanks for the tip. I subscribed to this thread so I'd know where to find it in the future. Send a private message to MadCow Find More Posts by MadCow You just helped me! Thanx a lot!!! Originally Posted by redbugsullivan. Last edited by AriadnesGold; at PM. Send a private message to AriadnesGold. Find More Posts by AriadnesGold. I did!! Purrs like a kitten and stitches amazingly well.Viking Sewing Machine. Features Other Opinions Where to Buy. Features Producing pretty stitches is effortless when using the needle adjustments as well.

Even if you simply do repairs, this will be a useful option for you. You are able to modify the presser foot pressure to make sewing a variety of materials a breeze.

Sewing machines like this are wonderful at a number of tasks. You may also change the stitches measurements based on what kind of task you might be working on. Doing embroidery is simple because the Viking can do embroidery quickly. It will be easy to sew jeans and cuffs while using free arm motion on this machine. Although you will not create outfits you'll still recognize the value of this. So easy for making buttonholes while using one step buttonhole function.

Many that it works perfect. Many seamsters like that the free arm motion works well. Online reviews understand it's mechanical action means while it's not a fancy machine, it will last for decades.

Some people love this sewing machine and would recommend it. Reviewers love this machine and the end result. Many online reviews find it's sturdy construction means it will last a long time. Many online reviews say it's solid construction leads to fewer breakdowns. Prices are last bid amounts. All about the Viking Is it the Best Sewing Machine for you? About Viking Viking sewing machines are produced by Husqvarna. This helped them to branch out straight into more consumer goods.

But in contrast to other smaller brand names, Viking has a great deal of goods. You can get a simple or complex as a machine as you'd like. They've many previous models also. Our stance is that this brand represents a fair value.

It could be difficult sometimes to discover old parts, but new ones are nicely produced. You'll really like some of the fancy computerized models.

For general house use, you will do nicely buying a Viking. Vikings could be purchased from a dealer.The technician called me up as scheduled and was able to repair my appliance so I didn't lose any of my time waiting for another service,thank a lot to viking fast service which i really appreciate! Shifted cam gear Model and ended up with the zig-zag out of sync, i.

The cam lobes lift about 45 degrees too late. Cam ridges are exactly in line with the ridges on the pattern cam ridges, so the cam should be OK.

Is this described in your service manual? Any idea how to adjust? I'm now looking for one. Thank you for uploading the service manual. I was given a Viking that would not engage. Using the service manual I was able to remove the covers and determine that the set screws had stripped the drive shaft, the v-belt pulleys were installed incorrectly, and the stop for the bobbin mechanism was installed incorrectly.

What a mess! I will probably end up giving it to a repair shop for parts. What is wrong with your tension unit. I'll see what i can put together. Any ideas on an easy repair for a button that won't work on the Designer 1 original floppy version machine????

All of a sudden the "Fix" button won't work!! Please help!! In the Service Manual above, I couldn't find anything related to lubrification of the machine. Is that documented in another manual? Just got a CL Earlier model.

viking 6460 manual free

Can not seem to find bobbins or parts at all.Hi, I have a Viking The feeder dog moves up and down but does not move back and forth to move the cloth. Any ideas? Jim Thomas. Take the back off and wd40 the reverse section move it back and forth to free it. Once free oil it. With sewing machine oil only. Do not use WD40 on it. Marvel Mystery oil will not leave a varnish and stick gears and cams. Hi There Make sure your feeder are up. It could be that your machines stitch regulator is sticking and needs a clean.

You will have to remove the back cover for that and heat the sticking parts with a hair dryer to melt the old oil. Maybe there is some dirt stuck under your needles plate. Hope that helps. It seemds to have some kind of elec problem. My 1st one I have used since the 80's. The machine light comes on when plugged in. I have kept it clean but have used it alot. Repair people have not been able to fix it. I then got one off of ebay and it has been fine.

Viking 6460 Sewing Machine

I had it tuned up when I got it. I tried the newer foot on older and it still wouldn't work,just light does. OK,now the second one has gotten a hitch in the startup of pushing on the pedal, but you could push the wheel and the motor would start. And as of today the light comes on only on it too?? Would any of your videos help me on this? I am pretty mechanically inclined and have access to tools elec,etc. Thanks for your time, BD. Have a look at your motor brushes.You know I have often wondered how good these machines after perusing the shelves of eBay and watching them get snapped up.

Now I know they have a tendency for crakced cams I'll steer clear of them. Thank you for the informative post! I have found with my that when they freeze, usually it is they are gummed up and if you can use PB Blaster on the internal gears and keep working with it it will free up. Sometimes, however, the gears are cracked. I have 3 machines. Hello, I've had a Viking stored away for 20 years and just recently brought it out, only to find it frozen solid. After penetrating oil in a number of places, it's working again except for the zigzag.

Any clues to why? Thank you much! Pages Home Machines looking for a home Manuals. Search This Blog. Sunday, February 24, Series Husqvarna Viking. Pre Viking Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Viking 6440, Sewing Demo, restored, Cam use, For sale, How to,

The series. I have had the opportunity to work on several series Viking machines in the past year. They are in a class of their own and do require some special handeling.

viking 6460 manual free

Every one that I have delt with has had a crack in the internal cam and needed to be replaced. Other common problems are slugish operation, stuck in reverse and no zigzag. Labels: VikingVikingViking Louise March 13, at PM. Sewing Mamaw January 10, at PM. Unknown February 17, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Viking Husqvarna Instruction Manuals. Please read all "Terms and Conditions" on the Home Page before ordering.

Click to enlarge. Viking Iris User's Guide. Viking Lisa User's Guide. Viking Platinum Plus User's Guide. Viking Rose Instruction Manual. Viking Viva User's Guide. Viking 8 Instruction Manual. Viking 20 Instruction Manual.

Husqvarna Viking models 7 – 6460 service manual

Viking 21 E Instruction Manual. Viking 33 Instruction Manual. Viking 49 Special Instruction Manual. Viking 51 Instruction Manual. Viking 78 Turrisa Instruction Manual. Viking 90 Classica Instruction Manual. Viking Classica Instruction Manual.

viking 6460 manual free

Viking 95 Instruction Manual. Viking Instruction Manual. Viking Optima Instruction Manual. Viking Emerald User's Guide. Viking Series Instruction Manual. Viking Scandinavia User's Guide. Viking Huskystar User's Guide.

Viking Huskylock Instruction Manual. Viking Owner's Handbook. Viking Daisy User's Guide. Viking Daisy Owner's Handbook. Viking Prelude Owner's Handbook. Viking Prelude User's Guide. Viking D Huskylock Instruction Manual. Viking User's Guide. Viking Huskylock Owner's Handbook.

Viking Lily Owners Handbook. Viking Owners Handbook. Viking Lily User's Guide. Viking Lily Instruction Manual.Husqvarna makes a series of sewing machines. One of them is the Husqvarna Viking Like most other models and brands of sewing machines, the Husqvarna Viking requires regular maintenance and occasionally some repair work.

This is not something that requires a professional. Most repairs can be done at home in just minutes. Also, supplies can be found in most craft stores, either online or at brick-and-mortar locations. By completing repairs on your own, you can save time and money. If parts of the Husqvarna Viking are jammed, they may need oil. Sewing machine oil can be purchased at almost any craft store. It comes in a small squeeze bottle that will allow you to dab oil into the tight interior moving portions of the sewing machine.

While doing this, it is important to focus on areas of the machine that come into contact with one another while moving. This is a common area for jams and sticking to occur.

A dull or broken needle in the Husqvarna Viking will prevent the fabric being sewn from being properly punctured.

Therefore, the thread will never correctly stitch through the fabric. New needles can be purchased at many craft and sewing supply stores. Removing the old needle and inserting the new needle in the same place will allow for proper sewing to once again occur.

This same repair or replacement is also handy for a needle that may be incorrectly sized for the Husqvarna Viking. Be sure to purchase the correct needle based on the machine's model number, which can be found on the machine itself or in the owner's manual.

Wire with coating that is worn or torn can lead to sparking in the machine. This can also lead to electrical shorting and safety hazards if the wire is exposed to moisture. The machine can completely stop working if the wire is visible. Wrapping these areas with electrical tape is a way of restoring coating on the wires.

Electrical tape can be found at most hardware stores. You will not have to use anything specifically made for the Husqvarna Viking. This is also more affordable than having the entire machine rewired. Replacing old, worn or damaged bobbins will allow the Husqvarna Viking to run smoothly once again.

The bobbins are made of a thin metal and are responsible for holding some of the thread used in the sewing process.


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